Video Highlights from the Naked Mathematician

A round up of some of the best video content published by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford over the past few weeks… Have you ever wondered where maths comes from? What are the instructions that govern how we manipulate numbers and equations? It all starts with a set of basic rules called axioms. Read more

The Mathematics of the Ancient Romans. Part I

A new contribution from the Italian journal XlaTangente. Initially thought as the Italian edition of the French magazine “Tangente. L’aventure mathématique“, in the last few years the paper edition evolved in a website, www. Read more

Cubic Equations and Mathematical Duels

The story of the discovery of the solution formula for cubic equations is stunning. What happened gives us an interesting view of renaissance mathematics and shows us what it meant to be a mathematician in the 15th and 16th centuries. In those days, mathematicians were used to publicly challenging each other in mathematical duels. Read more

Pokémon + Maths = Pokémaths

New from the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford it's Pokémaths! A look at the maths behind everyone's favourite fictional characters... The series kicks off with an interview with Biologist and Pokémaniac Matan Shelomi, who created a real-life Pokémon evolution tree - which you can find here. Read more

Trigonometry, Beats, and Instrument Tuning

Sometimes mathematical formulas that only seem to be interesting from a theoretical point of view can reveal unexpected connections with some applied problem. This is the case of the "sum to product" trigonometric formula $latex \displaystyle\sin(x)+\sin(y)=2\sin\left(\frac{x+y}{2}\right)\cos\left(\frac{x-y}{2}\right)$ This formula has a direct application in explaining an acoustic phenomenon called beats. Read more

Recent Highlights from the Naked Mathematician

Check out some of the best content published by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford over the past month... Do you spend your family game nights losing at Monopoly? Would you like to know how maths can help you to improve your chances of winning? Then make sure you check out the latest video from Tom Rocks Maths answering the maths questions that have been sent in and voted for by YOU. Read more

Breaking Down the 2-hour Marathon

Naked Maths is a brand new project from Naked Scientist Tom Crawford that looks at the maths that’s all around us… Earlier this year Nike attempted the impossible: a sub-2-hour marathon. They may not have succeeded in their original goal, but it was anything except a failure. Read more

The Damp Mathematics of Evolution. Volume 0.

"The Damp Mathematics of Evolution" is a historical column in the Italian site MaddMaths! (here the Italian version), which is devoted to a mathematical approach to natural evolution. The author is Davide Palmigiani, a PhD student in Mathematical Biology at Sapienza Università di Roma. Read more

Naked Maths: Equations Stripped

Putting the Naked in Naked Mathematician, Tom Crawford has launched a new series called ‘Equations Stripped’ where in each episode he takes an in-depth look at some of the most important equations in maths, stripping them back layer by layer so that everyone can understand… First up are the Navier-Stokes equations which model the flow of every fluid on Earth. Read more

The July edition of the Newsletter of the European Women in Mathematics is online!

European Women in Mathematics is an international association of women working in the field of mathematics in Europe. Here we propose the presentation by Anna Maria Cherubini of the new issue of its newsletter. Newsletter no. 28 (2017/1) Tuesday, July 4, 2017 Dear Reader, In the previous issue we announced a new format for the newsletter, to go with the re-organization of the EWM website. Read more
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