Ali Nesin, the Mathematics Village, and the 2018 Leelavati Prize

The International Mathematical Union has awarded its 2018 Leelavati Prize for outstanding contributions for increasing public awareness of mathematics as an intellectual discipline' and the crucial role it plays in diverse human endeavors to Ali Nesin. Read more

The unbearable mathematical lightness of David Bowie

If you thought you saw all the possible combinations of something with mathematics, you were wrong. Elisabetta Strickland proposes in fact in this article an extraordinary one: David Bowie and mathematics. A post to hear, enriched by the magnificent portraits by Paola Celletti. Read more

Plus Magazine Monthly Column – May-June 2018 – Hawking, Billiards and Randomness

Plus is a free online magazine about mathematics aimed at a general audience. It is part of the Millennium Mathematics Project, based at the University of Cambridge and our aim is to open a door onto the world of maths for everyone. Read more

Both kinds of MathsJam

There are two things both called MathsJam and we're going to try to explain both. We think it would be nice for there to be more of the first kind around Europe (and the world) and hope someone reading this will agree. Read more

Young African Scientists in Europe on July 6th in Toulouse (France)

You are a master student, a PhD candidate or a post-doc. You come from an African country and you are currently in Europe. You want to contribute to the development of science and technology in Africa, and you are wondering about the best way to do it. Read more

Review of SOWISO, a learning, practice and testing environment for higher education mathematics

An Amsterdam-based company called SOWISO created a learning, practice and testing environment for higher education mathematics. The idea is to support personalized learning through fine-grained feedback that students receive when working on exercises. Read more

Global Survey of Scientists

Dear colleague The 2018 Global Survey of Mathematical, Computing, and Natural Scientists has been launched on May 1st, 2018 and will be opened for answers until October 31st, 2018. Read more

Funbers! Fun facts about numbers that you didn't realise you've secretly always wanted to know...

New from the Naked Mathematician, Tom Crawford, is the Funbers series in partnership with the BBC. Each 3-minute episode looks at a number more closely than anyone ever really should, to tell you the fun facts that you didn't realise you've secretly always wanted to know. Read more

The Florilège de la popularisation des mathématiques

In the framework of the French Bid to host the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 (ICM 2022) in Paris, a new website devoted to the popularization of Mathematics has been launched. Its name being Florilège de la popularisation des mathématiques (Anthology of popularization in mathematics). Read more

NeoTrie VR - Maths in Virtual Reality

The University of Almería (Spain) and Virtual Dor are very happy to advance you that NeoTrie VR, a software currently developed by them, will be launched in a few months. Read more
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